Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cleanse 3

" If your going to push through major obstacles to reach your goal,
you can't just want to want to;
you need to be in a full-on tizzy of excitement
about what it is your're going after and hold on to it like a pit bull."

my cycling buddy, and dear friend Mary :)

random chalk art*love

feeling spunky

smell good natural body care at Evening Shade Farms. eveningshadefarms,com

....and yes ! After my run in with the mirror, 
and being honest with myself...
a full-on tizzy was in force !
I made a commitment to myself to do this cleanse,
and I am proud to say, I stuck with it 100%.
It's not all about what I see in the mirror....
it goes way deeper than that.
I had let myself down.
I made excuses.
I blamed other people.
I blamed my age and my lifestyle.
The fact is...I had to get real with myself.
 I freaked out a little.
Not because of the weight...
because I didn't look healthy !!
I didn't feel healthy !!
I had neglected my self.
The temptations were taking me down !
My "no" button was broke!
I was fueling my body with junk.

This cleanse has changed me.
I feel better than I have felt in....maybe forever ?!
I feel energetic, and pretty, and I don't need to look in any mirror.
I am sitting here with bedhead, sweatpants, and no make-up.
I don't need a mirror to know how attractive that is !
But I feel spunky and freakin' fabulous !
My body feels like it's alive and healthy.
And that for worth more than a tasty treat any day.

Will I eat chocolate and ice-cream ?
Probably. It's on my list of simple pleasures in life.
I still want to enjoy those things.
But I will forever remember that mirror. That day. That moment. That feeling.
It left it's mark
and I am thankful.

So go...
take good care of yourself.
Your SOOOOO worth it.

" Love yourself first and everything else falls into line."
~Lucille Ball~

healthy foods
feeling good,...better than good,....perfect really
following through
doing something hard, and uncomfortable, and to be overwhelmed with wonderful results
strong desire for change
making lifestyle tweaks that I can stick to
my ninja
tapping into some fierce will-power [hubby's still gotta eat]
today I can eat whatever I want... 
but I don't want. [including chocolate] and that makes me happy !


Thursday, February 16, 2017


Starbucks, duck butts, the sweetest of friends
and a crisp, February breeze...

my sweet dear friend Esra *love

Yes please !
Sometimes life gives us
just what we  need,
just at the moment we need it. 

that our friendship started with a *hug*
we walk and talk about everything from Kale chips to God
having the park to ourselves
duck butts. love. love. love.
the swan giving me the perfect shot 
the reflection on the sun setting on the water
the golden hue that draped over everything
geese taking flight
invigorating walks around the park [i have *missed it so much]
feeling refreshed and refueled
selfies :)


Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Love is in the air...

because it is Valentines Day.
And we let the people we love, know that we love them.
And we painfully long to tell the ones we lost, how much we miss and love them.
And we want to love more, love bigger, love with out fear.
I know I speak for myself...but I don't think I am alone.
I love my hubby with all my heart.
One of my biggest fears is losing him. 
Our age difference makes me  more painfully aware of how quick the time passes.
Truth is...none of are guaranteed tomorrow...
or even the next minute.
All we have is the moment to moment.
My friends & family remind me of that when I get all emotional about it.
We lose loved ones everyday... at every age.
It helps me to shift my focus from the future...
and focus more on ALL that I can do about it.
More, bigger, and with out fear.
"Because that is what matters in the end,
is that you were loved. " 

Happy Valentines Day !! :)

having flowers delivered from my hubby
a day all about love
feeling loved
the *butterflies*
*hugs & *kisses
my family and friends who are so easy to love


Monday, February 13, 2017


" While you are experiencing life,
life is also experiencing you. "

Despite being focused on getting things done
around the farm,
hubby takes the camera and snaps a few photo's of me. :)
Be still my heart.
I am loving these shots !!
Being behind the camera most of the time...
I am usually just a foot or a leg in most shots.
It's refreshing for me to see...well.... all of me ! :)
I'm very grateful for a husband that loves me...
and always stops, to look my way.
He's getting pretty good at using my camera too ! *proud*
He's always said he has a pretty good eye for things.
And I would have to say...he's right ! ;)

hubby really seeing me
our family outings on the farm
sitting in the grass
seeing the furkids roll, run, jump and explore
balmy days in February
the bird song
the lazy laid back afternoons
the peacefulness of the farm
my camera and all the memories it has captured for me :)


Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cleanse 2

" Better to do something imperfectly
than do do nothing flawlessly. "

Sitting here eating a bowl of raspberries...
and I can't remember raspberries ever tasting this good!
I have really learned to appreciate food the last couple of weeks.
I inadvertently messed up on the first week of the cleanse.
The smoothie recipes are for 2 which I drank both.
I was only to drink one.
I gained a pound.
SO...considering [even with the extra pound] how great I was feeling, and all....
I made the decision to begin again.
I wanted to get it right.
I feel like I had a practice run...
so this week was a little easier.
My will WAS put to the test, when hubby's vanilla shake from Steak & Shake 
set between us in the car. 
It beckoned me to drink of its creamy goodness.
I may have become a little twitchy.
However....I changed my focus to all the good stuff I am doing for my body.
It empowers me to blast through those moments of temptation.
And I go back to that day I looked in the mirror...and how I felt.
That moment of determination to do whatever I had to do to feel better...look better.
I am rocking this cleanse.

Have a fantastic weekend !! :)

the taste of food
not having to suck in my tummy to get my jeans zipped
more energy
play dates with my furkids
Hyvee in Springfield [great selection of organic foods *required]
MaMa Jeans [ organic salad on the go]
hubby for making two stops for lunch
building up those discipline muscles *
feeling like I can leap tall buildings in a singe bound :)
a beautiful day to get out and play
feeling accomplished
feeling healthy !!! *love*


Monday, February 6, 2017


" Often, when we're young,
 we plan to grow up into something big and flashy,
but sometimes growing up is really about
growing young again, reclaiming who we've always been,
and living the way we're wired. "

a walk in the pasture

meeting the cows a big boy

hiding behind me

being brave 

 Eskimo *kisses 

he was told to easy task when he'd rather be rolling in something...

getting comfortable...even communicating in a weak little *connecting bleat


chores are time :)

getting ready for some wrassling

victory dance :)
I love to walk. I have always loved to walk.
It's kept me sane.
Even better when paired with my camera.
It's an ideal combination.
Walking on the farm this weekend, with my furkids...
and my camera, and having hubby join us for a little play...
it was the perfect thing to do.

spring-like days
time on the farm
climbing and leaping on the hay bales
letting the furkids run wild and free
Olivers little *connecting bleat. "making sure of you" bleat
watching him wrassle with hubby...feeling all big on the bales
how well Scotty minds
anything outside
finishing week one on my cleanse
determination + discipline = *happy face :)


Saturday, February 4, 2017


" So often, we pretend we've made a decision,
when what we've really done
is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable. "

a little art therapy

happy news and flowers from my hubby

It got uncomfortable yesterday. 
I was smelling the roast i had cooking all day...
and  then... while whipping up some mashed potatoes....*sigh*
I REALLY just wanted to lick the beater.[even if it was still moving]
Make sure they were good.  You know.
Then I think back to why I am doing this.
Not to loose weight...[bonus]
but to be healthier & detox.
My body was bloppy.
I blame sugar. And lack of discipline on portions.
There really is no easy fix when you want to make a change.
You just have to decide you want something badly enough...
and decide you will get it.
Then go for it. :)

My nephew's getting married !!! *yay
hubby bringing home flowers
listening to the birds on the feeder
Oliver snacking on my fruit peelings...we make a good team
feeling changes...good changes
meditation habit...still 10 min. Still practicing daily.
art has helped get me through giving up and devouring a roast :)
a great visual stuck in my head of a mirror...and bad lighting. :)
made it to Day 5 of cleanse [salads & smoothies]
I can have ROASTED veggies today !!! *yay* I  am sooo READY for some WARM food.

Happy weekend :)