Monday, August 6, 2018


" Life isn't as bad as the mind is trying to make us think.
It really isn't and the more time you will spend
away from complaining & more towards appreciating
the more you will be able to realize this."


Replacing the bad habits with good ones isn't 
always easy.
But always worth it.
Sometimes it's the littlest things, that can make a 
HUGE difference.😊

Try it !
 Go 24 hours without complaining. 
+ look for reasons to smile, things to be thankful for.
= a pretty good chance of feeling better.

" Do everything without complaining
or arguing." 
                                        ~Philip. 2:14~   

Hugs & love 💗

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


" Something very deep and mysterious,
very holy and sacred,
is taking place in our lives right where we are,
and the more attentive we become
the more we will begin to see and hear it.

The more our spiritual sensitivities 
come to the surface of our daily lives,
the more we will discover
--uncover-- a new presence in our lives. "

~ Henry J. M. Nouwen ~

Sharing a little something with you, that I read this morning.
Be well !😊
Hugs and love ! 💗

Tuesday, July 31, 2018


"Life--how curious is that habit that makes us
think it is not here, but elsewhere."

Simplicity has been a serious ideal for this gal.
It's all about less.
Less noise.
Less consuming.
Less worry.
Less complaining.
Less social media.
Less of the things that zap my energy.
More life experiences.
 More of the simple pleasures.
More time doing what I love...
and being with the people I care about.

Hugs and love ! 💖

Monday, July 16, 2018


" You can't relive the days you've lost, 
so treasure them every day you wake up.
As in all things,
there must be a balance in life.

Enjoy your work, but enjoy your time with your family
and enjoy time alone when you need to.
God will not frown on it. "

Sometimes I need to adjust my life to fit my needs.
Find my balance.
You know. Keep things....
simple. 😉

*Hugs & love ! 💖

Friday, July 6, 2018


" 'Love one another.'  What is simple often isn't easy;
what is easy often doesn't last."

caught out in the rain
sneaking off to the lake
Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium
picnic on our float
coffee with a view
i dig you
making things together
living room picnic...cause baby it's HOT outside.
fireworks with you

And last we will.
Hubby.... Me and you.  
It hasn't been easy.
I know your crazy about me.
And I know sometimes you are crazy because of me. ;)

Thank you for having rose colored glasses sometimes.
Sometimes that is all I need.

And just for the record....I'm crazy about you too !
May we have many more years of crazy together!
I love doing life with you.

Hugs & Love 💖

Saturday, June 30, 2018


Dear God:
Thank you for reminding me that while I have made mistakes,
I have learned from them things I needed to know about myself.
Thank you for being patient with my impatience.
Thank you for being so gentle and compassionate with me
when I am beating myself up.

Thank you for showing me that when I focus on what is missing,
I miss the opportunity to be grateful for what I have.
 Thank you for your Mercy & your Love !

Sending *hugs & love to you !💕

Monday, June 18, 2018


" If you don't do something with life, 
life will do something with you. "








Sometimes I get a little hung up on:
WHAT I need to do with my life?
Am I doing it ?
Cause....if it didn't feel like I was doing it...
how do I know ?
Is life doing me ?.
That tends to drive me a little batty.
Makes me a little anxious.
I traded in that hang-up for a new hang-up:
HOW am I doing life ?
I likey !
To focus more on the HOW.
How am I doing ?
I can pretty much figure that out.
If my HOW was yucky....[selfish, false or unkind]
then I will feel that yuckiness to my core.
No doubt!!
If my HOW was good, organic,loving & kind ?
More of that feeling please!
The great news is...
the choice is mine!
I can work with that !!! :)

Hugs & love 💗


" Life isn't as bad as the mind is trying to make us think. It really isn't and the more time you will spend away from c...