Monday, June 18, 2018


" If you don't do something with life, 
life will do something with you. "








Sometimes I get a little hung up on:
WHAT I need to do with my life?
Am I doing it ?
Cause....if it didn't feel like I was doing it...
how do I know ?
Is life doing me ?.
That tends to drive me a little batty.
Makes me a little anxious.
I traded in that hang-up for a new hang-up:
HOW am I doing life ?
I likey !
To focus more on the HOW.
How am I doing ?
I can pretty much figure that out.
If my HOW was yucky....[selfish, false or unkind]
then I will feel that yuckiness to my core.
No doubt!!
If my HOW was good, organic,loving & kind ?
More of that feeling please!
The great news is...
the choice is mine!
I can work with that !!! :)

Hugs & love 💗

Friday, June 15, 2018


" What your Feet would say if they could talk....

If  you want to get from here to there,
put one of me in front of the other.
If you're reaching for the moon
keep one of me on the ground.
If the ground slips away,
use both of me to find your footing.
But if you want to make a quantum leap,
use your heart--
& if you follow your heart,
we promise to find you a road."

Sometimes, when you can't go forward,
or sideways...
just go up.
Meet up with God.
He gives the best directions !😉
And I am pretty sure, it makes him happy when 
He gets you all to Him-self. :)

Hugs & love 💗

Monday, June 11, 2018


" God is as close as I want Him to be, 
and as close as I will allow Him to be,
every second of every day. "

I can't say that my life is simple or easy,
but it is blessed.
Even in the messiest moments,
when things seem to be falling apart...
I know I need only to pause & pray.
His strong arms are always there.

Hugs & Love 💗

Thursday, June 7, 2018


" The more life you let in,
then the more life you have."

More has been unleashed in my world.
Horse nickers and hooves at the farm.
Flowers blooming in the yard.
A fantastic reunion, along with a nice little get-away 
with some friends that I haven't heard from in 40 years.
And then... along came Molly!

I may have mentioned a time or two...
 " A rabbit would be nice!" 
And... I did watch Peter Rabbit,
and spout out...." That makes me want to get a rabbit !"
Which was hubby's cue to declare,
"we don't need no damn [insert animal here] rabbit!"

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, when two days later....
 I find a baby rabbit lounging... stretched out,
 in the middle of the parking lot of our local market.

I did the only thing I could do....
I  pulled along side, to check on her.
when I opened my door...
she ran for shade...under my car!
I couldn't get her to come out.
I tried. 
I ended up having to phone a friend.
Luckily she was working at the market at the time.
She came darting out the door, like a super-hero.
She even managed to grab a guy,
 out of his car at the near-by car wash,
 [for back-up]
 as she was running by.

So, after the...
 three of us squirmed around on our bellies under my car...
 in the MIDDLE of a parking lot..
on hot pavement....
Donning re-usable grocery bags for gloves.
Then catching her & trying to find her a home...
Molly came along.

And Rex ?
Well it's been a  little hot to ride,
but I DO go visit him,
 and give him some lovin's
 and pick him some clover, 
and maybe try to take a selfie or two with him.
He doesn't do selfies very well.
We're still practicing. 😉

So grateful for the Love from God, who provides
for these sweet creatures & blesses my 💗
with these beloved friends.


Thursday, May 17, 2018


" Don't ignore what you are feeling!
 That inner cry for more is simply
'who you really are'
making a demand on
'who you have become'.

It is God calling you to grow up 
into who He created you to be
and what He created you to accomplish in your life."

All that matters is what's true for you, 
and if you can stay connected to that
you will be a champion! 😊

Be well.

Monday, May 7, 2018


Filling up:
With reading.
Sitting by the lake.
Visiting with friends that stop by.
Digging in the dirt...
& transforming my back yard.
Riding out to do farm chores with hubby.

Appointments with my kiddo....
trying to get those braces off his teeth.
It will be 4 years in August !
4 years !!
And 2 oral surgeries.
One of which he had last week.
He's a trooper.

Been LOVING this weather also....
& just sitting at the table, with the door open,
watching the humming birds fly about,
and the Robins pull worms out of the ground.

Sometimes...if I start to thinking about too much....
(mmmhmmm....trying to quit)
I spend time in some goofy pursuit--
taking random photos of things,
or playing ball with the dog.

Considering myself blessed !
How about you ?
Are you having a nice May ?

Hope you are well !


Saturday, April 28, 2018


It started out weird....and never quite righted it's self.
From what I've been hearing.... I think it's been a "thing"
for a lot of us.
Have you had a weird month too ?

Truth is...I feel like I lived 120 days, 
in one month.
The loss of Oliver just made everything more weighty & complicated. 💔
BUT, as I sit here looking back....
 heartache, chaos and weirdness aside,...
there have been wonderful little gifts tucked away.
The simple, little things.
There have been days like this.

" When you focus on what you don't have
 or on situations that displease you,
your mind also becomes darkened.
You take for granted life, sunshine, flowers
and countless gifts from Me."
~ Jesus Calling ~

I hope you find and enjoy the simple, little gifts 
tucked away in your weekend.💛


Saturday, April 21, 2018


Pedaling around the lake trails with my girlfriend....

 .... with Spring on our skin. :)

" I will sing to the Lord, for he has been good to me."
Psalms 13:6


Thursday, April 19, 2018


Because yesterday she grabbed my hand,
and we walked around the yard and talked
about the little things.
She didn't know Oliver had passed away,
and it made her a little sad.
But then she looked at me, and said
that Oliver and Jesse [her dog] were in heaven playing together.
I said  "Yes" 
And we agreed that they would both be happy
 to have each other
to play with.
And it made us feel better too.

Still holding tight to my hand...
 we searched for dandelions to wish on...
and she explained how,
" There are two kinds of dandelions. The yellow
ones...then the white ones. Those are the ones
you can make wishes on."
She then, picked a white one from the ground,
  squeezed her eyes shut, made her wish, and blew.
I made a wish too... 
I hope that all her special little wishes comes true. :)



" If you don't do something with life,  life will do something with you. " play love celebrate enjoy ...