Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Puzzle pieces.
No shortcuts.
One piece at a time.

A work in progress.
Sometimes difficult.
Sometimes falling right into place.
Appreciating the pieces...
the sections....
the growth...and watching it take shape.

My photo prompt for today was SHAPE.
[doing this with a group i joined in January]
It made me think of it as a verb...
and how we shape our lives.
Piece by piece.
Then I thought of a puzzle.
The shapes.
How we piece it all together to form a masterpiece.
I had a lot of thoughts...
but going to keep it simple. :)

good things...
creating something
helping someone
reading a good book
appreciating the basics
listening to a robin sing
hoodies and slippers
Oliver standing at the door steaming up the window with his nose breath :)
photo prompts that make me think


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