Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Things

" Someone once told me to always 
live for the little things in life.
Live for 5 AM sunrises and 5 PM sunsets
where you'll see colors in the sky
that don't usually belong.
Live for road trips, and bike rides
with music in your ears and the wind in your hair.

stopping for rainbows

searching for and finding an eagles nest [see her head? :) ]

having a lot in common, talking about all the little things

exploring trails. finding feathers. learning about trees

trying someplace new and it becomes your favorite. sandwiches on homemade bread.
chai lattes made with fresh ground spices, served in yellow mugs

a glimpse of deer running near the lake...still waters, and reflection

ducks that pop out of the water to come greet you...their laugh-quack

artistic talent, wall murals that speak out loud *love

Live for days when your surrounded
by your favorite people who make you realize
that the world is not a cold, harsh place.
Live for the little things because
they will make you realize that
this is what life is about,
this is what it means to be alive."

good things...
fresh, homemade sandwiches and the warm, welcoming ambiance in a charming downtown cafe
road trips, windows down, listening to Florida Georgia Line   
rain showers and rainbows
morning chats, organic smoothies, and going cycling with my girlfriend
trail dust on your shoes and a clear head
small towns, friendly faces, feeling welcomed
Bradford pear trees in bloom
trails around the lake
a hubby that loads your bike
white clouds in a vibrant blue sky
those perfect days


Saturday, February 25, 2017


" Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth
plants something in his soul."

Yesterday, I posted a selfie of Brandon and I on Facebook.
I got to thinking about all the selfies I have taken.
I started way back...it seems before selfies were even very popular.
I called them face shots. 
I would always get my camera,
cram my peeps together in the frame...or not... and snap.
I loved it then, and I love it still.
I have captured some of my favorite memories
and cherished moments that way.

showing me around Columbia

the start of our road trip to NY

getting ice-cream with Dad [and Sue] in Plymouth MA

Brandon interupting my tears with humor....leaving NY

the last day I saw my Bolivar home...and picked up Adam

after a loss at the arcade...being photo-bombed...Christmas time

driving around Columbia

my "always there for me" sister friend @ a fund raiser for a loved one

comedy relief in a long line at the Tulip festival in Iowa

cozy family gatherings at Dana's

on our way to breakfast 

laughing at inside jokes and discovering Bradford pear tree's don't smell so good

a special friend coming to visit


my tender/spunky friend and our laugh-more-than-we-hit-the-ball attempt at tennis

mom meets Oliver

our thumbs-up-good-test-results selfies

our snuggle and watch tv...and " who put pepper in the popcorn?" selfie with mom

thinking of Jill at the walnut festival [attempting to strike her pose]

the ferris wheel and hubby's willingness to take on his fear of heights  El Dorado picnic

moms laugh

lunch with these two [and my poison ivy covered arms]

stopping for ice-cream on our way home

Going out to breakfast and being with Dad for Father's day

meeting up with my cousin to stroll around the village in MA

movie date

friends coming together for a friend

all of us together when my brother visits

taking some time away from a weekend long reunion, for just us

all gussied up to meet with Chad and Jill for dinner

their selfie on the way to meet us :)

going to the top of Mount Greylock with my stepdad and his wife

a trip to the farm with Price and Papa

of these three taking a selfie

gathering at Dana's...piling on the couch

meeting for lunch after my hair appt.

meeting up with my dear friend in Bolivar...enjoying our talk and being at the park

my most recent...Brandon breaking out of a head lock, in my attempt to get a better angle
So maybe I get some eye rolls...
some annoyance...
a struggle or two...
and sometimes I even give chase.
But. I. Will. Not. Stop.
I love that I have captured these moments.
Some of them may seem mundane, or ordinary to others...
but to me, they mean the world.
They take me through different stages of life.
They stir up memories and the details of them aren't forgotten.
I take selfies, because I want to hold onto those special moments
those people I love...
those feelings.
Even if I have to put up a little fight...
'cause some things are just indisputable.

mom and son talks
chinese carry out
black and white movies
"To Kill a Mockingbird " on Netflix
*Whole me*  all natural coconut almond clusters [my healthy replacement for sugary treats]
daisies on the table
" i love you " texts from my mom
" i love you " snapchats from my girlfriend
a new book on my Kindle
a day to spend with my hubby.


Thursday, February 23, 2017


" If your forever was ending tomorrow,
would this be how you'd want to have spend it ?
Listen, the truth is, nothing is guaranteed.
You know that more than anybody.
So don't be afraid. Be alive. "

All this glorious weather has been nothing short of blissful.
I have been doing more of the things that add to my life...
and less time doing things that don't.
Sometimes you just need to set aside
all your "to-do's"
and go enjoy yourself.

a clean enough house
my girlfriends laugh
second day pot roast
feeling good
Finding Dory on Netflix
" I love you very much " texts
chalk art
sunshine, breeze and 80's today
when Oliver steals paper out of my bag..*num *num
sitting in a tree
my sister-in-law's place in the country
that FB let me experience a relative I never had the chance to meet.
[we planned to meet this Summer... sadly he passed away yesterday.]
Grateful we connected with Doug Arnholter... He was a nice guy and a talented artist.*sigh

Do what you enjoy.
Try something new.
Step out of your comfort zone.
Enjoy relationships.
Experience life !
Play !



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