Friday, June 26, 2015


Today I give myself permission
to choose my wants over my shoulds.

I want to curl up on the front porch
with a good book.
Smell the refreshing morning rain.
Listen to the birds sing.

I want to take pictures.

I want to go barefoot all day...
 and delight in a Summer thunder storm.
And if 50 lbs of scared
comes to find comfort on my lap...
I want to delight in that too !

I want to play and create.

And marvel at the little things.

I want to loose myself in daydreams.

So thank you God for the rain !!

You always give us what we need.  
Today I needed a big drenching of You !

These moments are heaven sent.
Thank you !
My little heart is all a flutter.


Here's a little smile for you ! 


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day

Any man can be a father,
but it truly does take a special man 
to be Dad !


I was blessed with you !!

Thank you for always setting a great example for me to follow
 in all that you did...
and all that you continue to do.

You are the epitome of integrity,
 and hard work and dedication to doing what is right
in your life. 

You taught me to have manners, to obey the laws...
 to live with respect
and appreciation...
not only for our environment & others...
but also for myself.

You taught me how to dress  to have the courage to do the right thing...
that sometimes it may be hard, or painful...
but doing what was good and right...was always the best choice. 

Even though we spent our lives apart...
your influence has always guided me. 
Your actions spoke to me louder than your words.
Thank you for living a life that makes me proud to be your daughter !!!
Thank you for helping me become the woman I am today.
You are my hero, and I LOVE YOU with all of my heart !!
Sending *hugs and *kisses your way !!!
Happy Fathers Day Dad !!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wedding Plans

" Love alone lightens every burden, and makes rough places smooth.
It bears every hardship as though it were nothing,
and renders all bitterness
sweet and acceptable. " 

A small church wedding with family on the morning of the 4th

One of the things we knew for sure...
is that we wanted to keep our wedding simple.

We want to look back on our wedding day...
with great fondness & affection.

We didn't get caught up in any fancy planning,
or elaborate decorating.
We chose a day that was already magical.

We traditionally celebrate Independence day
at Dana's.  
Friends and family gather together for good food, fun, laughter and love.
It is something we look forward to every year !

This year we are going to be adding our anniversary to the mix.
We're keeping with our special tradition...
and possibly starting a new tradition of our own. :)

When the sun starts to set...
we'll go home with celebratory hearts.
Our friends and family will gather in the yard.
We'll kick off our shoes...grab some cake
  and spread out on old quilts and lawn-chairs. 
The fireworks will light up the sky...and we'll take it all in...
  and befittingly revere the beauty of our country,
 the pangs of loss,
and the magic of love.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I believe life is meant to be enjoyed.
I think we waste a lot of time...

Price's bink, and shoe..*love
worrying about things we cannot change...
or waiting for things that may never happen.

He lives in our back yard.
I over analyze things...
and I  worry about how to's,
and what if's.

Love old churches
I have wasted hours years of my life
worrying about things.
It's a bad habit ! Sometimes I just have to tell myself...
It's stupid !

Bun-bun following me around..*love
Life is made up of so many little things
that are meant to be enjoyed...
and appreciated.

baby brown thrushes...and a little rose petal heart.  *sweet

There are so many wonders,

 pleasant surprises...

Scotty and Bun-bun *awww
and loads of love.

There are a million moments in our lives
that can bring us so much joy and happiness
if we just pay attention to them a 
a little bit more.

Flowers from my sweetie. *swoon

It would be a shame to let all the good things pass us by
without enjoying them...
and being grateful for them.

Mama bird getting ready to attack my head !

Sometimes we just need to be still..and take time
to remember how lucky we are !

Monday, June 1, 2015


This is my person. *butterflies

Cabin in Iowa

If you had told me a decade ago...
that he was going to be my future husband...
I would have thought you were a little disturbed.

I would have been wrong.

Zach and Katie 's wedding

Because we are getting married !!!
We have finally picked a date !

I always thought it would be a miracle...
to find that right man for me.
I never thought one would actually materialize.

I accepted that life would turn out just fine...
and I would continue to do just peachy on my own.
 Thankfully God knows just what I didn't know I needed.
He gave me a super hot amazing man...
and his BEAUTIFUL family. *love 

Just when I needed it the most...
I had someone to stand up for me...
to comfort me...
and to lean on for support.
I had a good man encouraging me to believe in myself...

and it gave me the courage to tap into
my own potential.
He has made me a better person.

I will forever be grateful that we have been there
for each other over the last few years.
We've been able to care for each other... bear our souls...
share our kindness...
and love.

Yep ! We are getting married !! July 4 2015 ! :)

Gary...Thank you for all that you are,
and all that you have done for me !
How wonderful it would be to be your wife.
Thank you for wanting me by your side.
There is nothing I want more.
I love you bunches !!

Print by Lori Bliss of Bliss Studio in Carthage MO

I love this !!

" May there be such a oneness between us
that when one weeps
the other tastes salt."

Special Thanks to Dana for blessing us all with your little special touches.  


" You can't relive the days you've lost,  so treasure them every day you wake up. As in all things, there must be a ba...