Monday, May 7, 2018


Filling up:
With reading.
Sitting by the lake.
Visiting with friends that stop by.
Digging in the dirt...
& transforming my back yard.
Riding out to do farm chores with hubby.

Appointments with my kiddo....
trying to get those braces off his teeth.
It will be 4 years in August !
4 years !!
And 2 oral surgeries.
One of which he had last week.
He's a trooper.

Been LOVING this weather also....
& just sitting at the table, with the door open,
watching the humming birds fly about,
and the Robins pull worms out of the ground.

Sometimes...if I start to thinking about too much....
(mmmhmmm....trying to quit)
I spend time in some goofy pursuit--
taking random photos of things,
or playing ball with the dog.

Considering myself blessed !
How about you ?
Are you having a nice May ?

Hope you are well !


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