Friday, March 31, 2017


" Love is something like the clouds that were in the sky
before the sun came out." she replied.
" You cannot touch the clouds, you know;
but you feel the rain and know how glad the flowers
and the thirsty earth are to have it after a hot day.
You cannot touch love either;
but you feel the sweetness that it pours into everything.
Without love you would not be happy or want to play."

~Miss Sullivan to Helen Keller~

practicing manual modes on the camera
just a shot...i did get sweet little Oliver in back resting his head on Scotty :)

I unearthed that quote as I was sorting and purging yesterday.
I have had the uncontrollable urge to weed out things the last 
couple of days-
papers and books,
bad habits...
You know.
The non-essentials.
Things that aren't working for me anymore.
This morning I am deleting
It feels good to remove the clutter.
I did come across a letter I wrote to Gary [that i never gave to him]...,
this quote...
and a few other interesting artifacts.
Perhaps I will share some of those in future posts.
Some of it is pretty raw and personal.
Let me think about it.

I hope you all have a splendid weekend !!

good things...
bags of items to donate
finding old letters and journals
empty closets and space
orange tulips on my white table
pushing a button on my *build a bear* cow...[goes way back]
 and hearing Brandon's little boy voice say... " I love you Mom"
tears...happy ones, sad ones, nostalgic ones...and cleansing ones.
finding/reading old lists [that I lost]
and old notes that I took
then ....putting them in the recycle bin.
a lunch date with a special friend 


Wednesday, March 29, 2017


" Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. "

Yesterday we had a break  from the rain.
My girlfriend and I wanted to get together.
It's been a while.
Lunch or Zoo ?
Nice day.
We pick Zoo.

it had me at hello...

he looked my way...then I think he started to pray...?

a nice zoo guy called her out.{they were all inside} she scurried over for a shot.
Her name is Pam

bear...all sweet and cuddly in his hidey hole

I was in awe...later we heard his roar. Glad I wasn't standing close....*geebies*

my favorite

my girlfriend is snapping pics...I am about to be slobbered
on. a stranger intervenes


yes. i had to visit these guys too. big red cleaning hay off his little buddy . *cute

i just shared the legs. it was a butt shot. your welcome. :)

A little bit of adventure...
and a whole lot of catching up.
That just about covers it.

good things...
watching the animals nap
when you say something...and your friend is thinking the same exact thought
enjoying a day of ebb & flow 
the sun breaking through an overcast day
a blue sky dappled with white clouds 
redbuds and dogwood trees
being on the other side of the fence when the lion roars
hearing your name being called....
bad selfie....terrible light..however...she is always so adorable ! 
and the pleasant surprise of running into another friend !!
[ visiting the Zoo with her class ]
keeping things simple.


Monday, March 27, 2017


Yesterday was a true gift.
To cycle with my girlfriends...
and enjoy all the sights along the way.
Pedaling away without a care in the world.

This moment ?
It will not be forgotten ! :)
Good Lord we had fun !!!
There is little that can beat
 laughing with your friends,
and the beautiful simplicity of a bike ride.

good things...
being there for each other
taking our time
talking about everything
all the birds nesting
watching an eagle protect it's nest
sidewalk chalk
laughing so hard we can't get up
trying cream of cauliflower soup at our favorite lunch place and loving it.
toasting with our chai
having fun and being silly
new friends that feel like old friends
loving each other the way we are


Friday, March 24, 2017


" Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities.
Seize common occasions and make them great. "

heron nesting

a little turtle sermon

girlfriend chats and and tree swings

sneak attack on my kiddo at the pumps...*selfie

searching for new ideas

planting seeds

morning coffee on the porch

My biggest hope with my photos, is to capture
the things that make my life sweet.
The good things.
It's not so much about the quality of the shot...
but the shot itself.
{although I practice on the former}
Capturing the little ordinary things that are here
today, gone tomorrow.
I love looking back at the common occasions.
Sharing some random shots today...
this week I have been a bit of a hermit.
I wanted to do some homey, nesty, things.
I have mowed, sorted, cleaned and planted .
You know.
 It's Spring.
I have some pretty far-fetched ideas
for the yard...and I'm keeping my *fingers crossed
that it will all work out.
I am not too good at this stuff...
challenge is good.

good things...
sitting on the porch while the storms roll in
blinds and windows open and the smell of rain
geese honking overhead
the sound of children playing on the playground
planting flowers and trees
winging it
phone chats with my cousin
my aunt recovering well from surgery
my hubby's strength and reassurance
strawberry lemon water



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