Friday, October 30, 2015

Bike Love

I think I am falling in love
with cycling.

Cycling is a wonderful way to explore,
and a great way to exercise.

It's a perfect companion to my hobby of taking pictures.

My friend Mary all bundled.  I had to move or I'd freeze.... :)

I love to pause and snap photos
of all the moments I want to remember....

all the things I find beautiful. 

a little warm when your going up hill....9 miles :)

It's fun meeting with a friend and communing with nature,

and enjoying all the other marvelous benefits from riding our bikes.
It has been really rewarding, challenging and lots of fun.

Checking for my legs....Eighteen miles *happy

It's hard not to hop off after a ride 
without feeling renewed
and with a major grin on your face . :)


Monday, October 26, 2015


This month I was able to feed my home hungry heart with a taste of home.
It has been over two years,
and I longed for my family.

Dad and Sue's

I missed home.
Home is where there is a constant tug on my heart.

Photo bomber at Bash Bish

It's a place where I feel protected, comfortable and loved.

Bash-Bish *love

It's where I can unwind...

The view from Dad's porch where we sit and talk.

... find my balance...

My morning view from Dad's deck...where I sip coffee and read devo.

and it restores my peace of mind.

Madeline babysat me.. and Christine grew up with me.. Friends that are family.

Home is the sense that I have known these people forever,
that sense of belonging-ness.

It's where I stop feeling like an individual
trying to carve out my life somewhere in the world,...

...and just feel at home.

Sir Williams Farm

It's the touchstone to return to when life is full of changes, 
and I need time to redefine my role in life.

Sue's vacation house in Plymouth

Dad picking up sticks. *love

Turkeys in the Plymouth yard.

24 of them.

The place Sue grew up and called home.

The Atlantic Ocean...rock hunting.

My Dad's favorite photo.  This one is for you Dad :)

Replica of the Mayflower

Plymouth Rock

photo bombed at the rock

indulging on our favorite treat at the local ice-cream parlor

Home is where there is laughter,
where there are no "shoulds",
and I can do what makes me happy. :)

National Monument to the Forefathers

Home is more that just a location,...

Diner in Hillsdale

it's where I can share with the ones I love,
who love me in return.

Godmother baked delicious-ness

Home fills my spirit...

and invigorates my senses.

It's where I came from.

 Shays Rebellion  

Met in middle-school. Re-united with Maureen ...who was home from CA *love

It's where everything is sweeter...
hugs are tighter...
and moments are cherished .

Now a Library...where I went to elementary school. MA

Every where I go when I am home,
has that familiar feel.
It tugs at my nostalgic heart-strings.

It is a place for quiet thoughts and inspiration.

Sheffield MA

Where I can clear the clutter out of my head ,
and emerge feeling refreshed !

My cousins Karena and Madison

There will forever be a tug of war going on in my heart.
The pull between the home of my family and where I came from...

and the home where I have been discovering my way
raised my son
and have loved and been loved by my friends and my new family.

My heart has had to become more elastic...
not tougher,
but more stretched.
Home is....rooted.
Home is where the heart is.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Trail Ride

Yesterday I went for a ride with my girlfriend.

Katy Trail

We were in no hurry.

There was no where we had to be.

No worries.

We stopped whenever we felt moved. 

We rode into town to eat lunch at a Chinese cafe. (*yum)
We were peddling back to the trail when I looked down and saw this cutie . :)

                                                        The simple things move me most .

We continued back on the trail briefly...
when my girlfriend's front tire went flat !
Really flat !

So we hoofed it back to town.
Thank goodness we were still close !
The folks at Windsor Hardware fixed the tire right up ! 
They were super GREAT !!!
I love family owned stores ! :)

The bike ride was a win win.  
We savored some girlfriend time and a gorgeous October day...
while breathing in the fresh air and getting exercise.

What is it about fresh air and being outside 
that can just settle your soul ?

Rode sixteen miles :)

I loved this day !


" You can't relive the days you've lost,  so treasure them every day you wake up. As in all things, there must be a ba...