Thursday, August 3, 2017


Because....I was in the mood for something
Have you ever found yourself wishing...
there was something like brownies or some cookies in the house ?
I do...but I also know, that if there were...
I wouldn't stop munching on them till they were gone.
[ask hubby what happens when I get out his box of vanilla wafers]
I have bad impulse control when it comes to sweets.
So I TRY to keep them out of the house.
Except for the aforementioned wafers...
and Dove Chocolates for me.
I am only human.

I had a craving the other night for something
...and it wasn't just a piece of chocolate.
Oh no. I wanted to indulge !!
So I tired this little recipe I had tucked away. [SUPER EASY]
[*temptation're welcome !]


4 TBS. Flour
4 TBS. Sugar
2 TBS. Cocoa
2 TBS. veg, oil
2 TBS. water
pinch of salt
Stir well in a mug
Microwave 1 minute. [gooey-ish]
I did mine for 1 1/2 min.
The recipe also said you can sprinkle chocolate chips on top...
I didn't.
I sprinkled Vanilla ice-cream on top !! :)

It. Is. Yummy.
There is plenty to share...and I did.
Hubby had a couple of bites...
and that was enough.
Not because I wanted to hog it all.
He's just not that into sweets.
Which works out well for me !

Have a sweet day !!


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