Wednesday, August 31, 2016


" I believe that if we could see each other through
the eyes of a child, we would be able to,
once again, clearly see the magic 
and the beauty around us. "

Feeling so inspired by, and blessed to 
spend time with these sweet souls .
 Watching them giggling and playing with Oliver
was pricelss.
Little moments together with family...
I think that is where the magic happens. :)

the families I have been blessed with
laughing children
simple joys
watching love in action
lazy Summer evenings
free spirits


Friday, August 26, 2016


I am happy that Summer granted us a couple of days
to come together, and make some meaningful memories with Mom.

My tribe

Mystic Caverns

" Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful.
It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life. "

So grateful for the beautiful people I have in my life,
and the way everyone comes together
to make things so special.

inside jokes
uncontrollable giggle attacks
my brothers laugh...
and  how we still get in trouble with Mom.


Monday, August 22, 2016


Oh...I wish I could just push pause.
Is a few more weeks of Summer vacation, too much to ask ??

Brandon, You are a gift.
Thank you for opening my eyes to new experiences.
Thank you for teaching me more about life.
Thank you for a wonderful Summer,
and making my life so incredibly rich.

As you return to finish up your last two semesters of college...
I want you to know that I think what you are doing is big !
You may be feeling impatient, anxious to get out into the "real world"...
to start blazing new do something great.
Well this IS GREAT !
Impatience will rear it's ugly head, and make you feel the urgency
to do more, have more, be more, NOW.
It will tempt you to skip steps, and make you feel like you are wasting precious time.
Impatience is just a distraction.
It can drive you...but don't allow it to suck you in.
Stay true to your path.
You are on your way to great opportunities.
You may not know exactly where you are going or how your going to get there...
but you know you're gonna get there...
no matter what.
The only thing that can stand in your way now is an act of God.
And I'm pretty sure he's got your back on this. :)

I am so proud of you, every second of every day. 
I love you like crazy !!

your persistence
your determination
your inner strength
your insight
your visions
your company
yeah....lets just cut it short...
I love everything about you.


Saturday, August 20, 2016


Sitting in the waiting room, I find I am no longer able to focus on my reading.
I check Facebook briefly, and today the prayers that are being sent our way, envelop me like a warm comforting *hug.
I know that nothing is for certain...
and so I just close my eyes,
and whisper a little prayer of my own...
trusting that God will take care of things.

cancer free since 2012 

Hubby comes out from behind the closed door.
Glancing my way he gives me the "OK" nod.
I can't even tell you the sweet relief I feel...
the overwhelming gratefulness to God,
and to all of you who continue to lift us up in prayer.
You bless us beyond words.
Thank you from the bottom of our bursting hearts.

our people
love. love. love.
the OK nod
thumbs up selfies :)


Monday, August 15, 2016


Sitting here feeling grateful for everything in life right now,
and at the same time aware of a gnawing undertone of sadness.
Why am I so grateful, yet feeling pangs of sadness?
Maybe it is because I had alot of quality time and bonding with my dear hubby this weekend.
Maybe it was the tears and ease in which I shared my open heart space with him
over devotional readings and coffee on the porch.
Maybe it was because of a dip in temperatures, and the end of another season in the air.
Maybe it was the sound of the Righteous Brothers playing [Unchained Melody] on a fairly worn cassette in the old farm truck.
Maybe it was the windows rolled down, the smell of hay, and my hubby's profile
silhouetted in the late afternoon sun.
Maybe because sometimes I get scared of the rushing freight train of time...the changes...
and I want to take in every little thing and hold onto it forever.
Maybe it was because I have spent so much of my life searching.
Looking for true love.

Maybe because even though my humanness keeps me searching for more,
grasping for something beyond my reach...
I know I don't have to carry on the search.
Maybe because I am given those rare moments... when I realize 
that what I have been searching for is all around me.
Love. Connection. Inspiration. God.
Maybe IT IS when we stop seeking,
 slow down,
and surrender our search,
that we find ourselves smack dab in the treasure we have been looking for.

times shared on the porch
hauling hay
deep conversations
Righteous Brothers
cooler days
old farm trucks
when my heart feels full. ready to explode full.
the leap of faith we both took that planted us here together
Oh...that lovin' feelin' :)


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Sweltering heat (check)
Sudsy cool water (check)
Rubber duck (check)
Camera (check)

Heat relief central.

seizing the moment
hot summer days and
playing with the hose
sitting in the shade
a kid in the tub
sudsy animals
the way water droplets propell off of shaking fur
being a wet sloppy mess
Oliver jumping out, before he pooped in the tub :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2016


" She loved him because he had brought 
her back to life.

She had been like a caterpillar in a cocoon,
and he had drawn her out
and shown her that she was a butterfly. "

hauling hay and great conversations
following butterflies
the power of love
the scent of rain 
watching dear hubby picking will never get old
he still gives me *butterflies*


Wednesday, August 3, 2016


 " It's about the journey, not the destination. " 
I's so cliche`.
But seriously...when you head out with a goat,
you never know if you are going to reach your destination.

first time walking to town

He didn't want to go with out Scotty *sweet*

we were happy to reach our destination
HOWEVER.... in the little moments along the way is where I rediscover 
the joy in the simple things.
Those are what make the journey exciting and fun...
and sometimes they spark a little bit of adventure by changing the destination too. :)

my goofy animals
our little town
morning walks
the sound of little hoof feet on the sidewalk
reaching my destination
My dear hubby 
his smile
my  life



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