Friday, April 29, 2016


I truly believe when you fill your life
 with the little things that matter most
and let the rest fall away...

that we live much more meaningful lives...
then when we fill them with all
the things.



Thursday, April 28, 2016


Today I had a post ready to go...but my heart was being pulled 
in another direction.
Yesterday...I was getting my hair done. The last time I was there (my dear friends daughter) a young, beautiful soul was fighting for her life.
Yesterday...when asked for an update, I decided to pull up Facebook.
I wanted to share words and pictures.
With a *lump in my throat, 
our hearts *wrenching and tears streaming down our faces...
I read to her the words of my beautiful friend.
(and with her permission)
I share them with you.



" One month ago today . . . still struggling. My heart still feels like something is constantly squeezing it and I feel so terribly homesick even though I am at home. I decided this afternoon that it is not going to get any better. What it does do though is take up residency inside you and it becomes more familiar. Every single day for the rest of my life I will miss her like crazy. I'm resigned to the fact that I will always cry when a sight, sound, or smell triggers precious memories. I might wail when I'm alone in the car or bathtub. I promise to honor her life in every way I can. I've learned that the price of truly loving someone with all of your heart and soul and then losing them is pure torture. Would I do it all again? Damn straight . . . over and over again. "

a beautiful soul
sacredness of trust

Thank you Kim for love, your strength and sharing your soul.
 Aubree left her light in all of us!
 I love you !


Tuesday, April 26, 2016


An ordinary day can become extraordinary
when we truly see the beauty of an ordinary day.

hubby looking all cute with his jeans tucked in his boots
heart to heart talks


Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lazy Sunday

The quietness it creates inside of me is palpable...
reminding me of the stillness I so desperately need.

Books,birds chirping, sunshine and a gentle breeze...
savoring this simple, lazy day indeed ! :)

Oliver falling asleep on my lap
fresh breeze
stack of books
peach tea


Thursday, April 21, 2016


At the end of this hectic week, I sit down reluctantly to catch up here.
The sunshine ...and the critters are beaconing me to step outside.
Oliver will be bleating for his bottle any minute...
and the mowers are starting up around the neighborhood...
my sound cue to join in. :)

This week...
Brandon was home for an if-I-blink-I'll-miss-him visit.*sigh
Oliver had his horns removed. *thankful I wasn't home at the time.
That is one thing about having a Vet as a husband.  He will just pop up in the back yard...
do what he needs to do...
then pop back out.
I was home Oliver's first Dr. visit...
we won't go there. ;)
Yesterday Hubby had a screening to make sure his cancer has stayed away.
It has.
Thank God.

the power of prayer, good words, and strong coffee
Dr.'s that make house calls :)
push mowers
fresh mowed grass


Thursday, April 14, 2016


I thought they looked like fun.
Apparently I was thinking out loud...
'cause the next thing I know...we are mounting these monster bikes.

I took off in the lead.  
Then I hear a loud guffaw from my girlfriend who was behind me.
(Laughter is contagious)
I burst into laughter.
We couldn't stop.
Fun day.

trying something new
friends at Truman Bike Shop
gleeful laughter
my friend Mary :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


I love the ritual of sitting on the front porch, 
with all the critters...
watching the sun as it starts to go down...
chatting about our day.

I love the way the sun hits the dandelions. 

I love kneeling in the grass...and taking pictures.

did he just jump on my back ?

And this ??

I love this a lot.

It's the simple things .

how we're all so different
the way it all fits together
porch swings
watching Oliver lovin' on dear hubby :)


Tuesday, April 12, 2016


A certain young man had a birthday last Sunday.
My cell phone died Saturday, and they were calling for storms.
It's a six hour drive, round trip.
Driving in a storm scares me worse than not having a phone. 
I almost chickened out.
Then I got over it.

Lunch at Five Guys

Strawberry Rhubarb cobler

He loves kisses.


*mwah !

Hubby saved the day by letting me take his old (truck phone) bag phone.
It may be a relic...but it worked great ! My phone lasted 18 months.
We retired the bag phone Monday.
I'm glad it had one final adventure.

I did hit storms on the way home...
and had to pull off for a bit.
It happened to be in the driveway of a quiet little pasture.
I took some pictures and watched a downpour.
Then the sun beamed through the clouds. *beautiful*
Sometimes it's those unexpected moments that add
a special touch to an already incredible day !

a son that makes me enormously proud
wrestling matches
hubby's old bag phone


Friday, April 8, 2016

Looking Back

I sit here looking at this old photo of myself, and it stirs my soul.
I wish I'd known then that I was born a strong woman.
What a difference it would have made !

I wouldn't have shrank in fear...
let fear shrink me.
I would have ran into it with open arms.
Along the way, I have learned that all the best things in my life
have had fear as a steady companion.

A Heavenly father that held my hand along the way
my family and the foundation they gave me
friends that encouraged, and believed in me more than I believed in myself
a son that gave me the motivation to stand up to my fears, to change, to grow.
a husband that loves the beautiful imperfect mess of me  :)


Thursday, April 7, 2016


It was a good day.
I didn't get much checked off my list...
but I got some flowers planted...had a friend over for lunch,
then walked by the lake with a friend.

Catching up is good for the soul.

listening to the oldies
catching up with a special friend
the sound of the wind howling



" You can't relive the days you've lost,  so treasure them every day you wake up. As in all things, there must be a ba...