Sunday, September 20, 2015


Ducks are cool !

I just can't look at them
and not smile.  :)

Their funny bendy necks.

The awesome way they dip their heads in the water 
with their feather bottoms sticking up in the air. :)

Their flip-flop flappy webbed feet. :)

The quack laugh.

The way they shake all the way down to the tail wiggle.

They soothe my soul and lift my spirits.

I love the simple things that 
breathe more joy into our days ! 


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Date Night

I step high into the dusty work truck, 
with the help of my husbands loving hands.


Off we go to Grandma's to eat...
a taste of the past, that still stands.


It reminds of of the simpler times...
when people gathered together. 

his torn shirt.

When every one greeted and smiled at each other
and talked about the weather.

When farming was a way of life...

and there was a passion to reflect.

When it wasn't about hurrying to get more done...

but treating the moment with respect.

 Embracing some time to sing and dance...
and to appreciate each hour.

picking me flowers

Delighting in being with the ones you love.....
and stopping to pick them flowers.

Sometimes life gets crazy, uncomfortable and out of control.
That is when it's time for a simple date night..
and to be gentle to your soul.


Saturday, September 5, 2015

Sister Day

Sisterhood: A bond between two or more girls, not always by blood.
They always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other like sisters.


The strongest women I know are the ones that lift other women
to be the best they can be.
They are the souls that are there to catch you when you fall, 
and celebrate your victories .

Nothing can leave me more bubbly and inspired then spending time with 
my girlfriends.

Delighting in the things that fill our spirits up and make us sparkle inside. 
Some things that make my spirit come alive :

Walking around in charming neighborhoods.

Barnes and Noble *favorite

Searching out books that kindle creativity and flame the imagination. 

Taking selfies...
and laughing...
at how bad hair and lighting can make me look 100, and laughing even more.

Relaxing near a calming fountain on a lazy summer afternoon, and
being immersed in some good old soul cleansing woman-folk chat .

Swooning over quaint little shops and the perfect indulgences.

Lavender honey ice-cream soda soooo *yum !  *love her little O to go with our X straws :) 

Trying new things...

like a lavender honey float.
And finding new favorites.

Being enamored by everything pretty and simple... 

tree sweater :)

and artsy ...

and colorful.

Taking the time to dream...big dreams... 

the girl can strike a pose on demand : )

and feeding them some tidbits to keep them strong & growing.

Sometimes all we need is a good ol' girlfriend day !
To relax or explore.
To dream and play.
To hug, laugh, and to have a listening ear.
We need to take time to nurture, understand and mother each other
so that we are filled to go out into the world and give again.


P.S Thank you for your smile and contagious laughter , your huge heart, and dynamic spirit,
and genuine love.
Thank you for being honest and telling me what I need to hear.
Thank you for being there through my hardest days.
I love you !


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