Friday, July 6, 2018


" 'Love one another.'  What is simple often isn't easy;
what is easy often doesn't last."

caught out in the rain
sneaking off to the lake
Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium
picnic on our float
coffee with a view
i dig you
making things together
living room picnic...cause baby it's HOT outside.
fireworks with you

And last we will.
Hubby.... Me and you.  
It hasn't been easy.
I know your crazy about me.
And I know sometimes you are crazy because of me. ;)

Thank you for having rose colored glasses sometimes.
Sometimes that is all I need.

And just for the record....I'm crazy about you too !
May we have many more years of crazy together!
I love doing life with you.

Hugs & Love 💖

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