Saturday, March 10, 2018


Yesterday I cycled with my friend Mary.
She is one to listen, take in all my information, [drama] [never with judgement]
and when the timing is right,[could be minutes, weeks...or months] she gives me helpful feedback.
She lovingly holds me accountable for my s--t.
And...she's one that will give me a good kick-in-the-butt if I should happen to need it.
[thankfully I have yet to need it...*phew :) ]

 I love her for so much...but
more, because of that. 
Yesterday was one of those days.
It usually goes somewhat like a "good news" 
"bad news" session.
And she usually gives me the "bad news" first.
Followed by the " good news"....which usually means
I have cleared another hurtle...
warded off another butt-kicking.
I so appreciate her honesty,
and how she won't let me fail myself.
So with that...this morning, I reflect over the pages of my journal.

To retrace my steps so-to-speak, over the last few weeks.
I took note of the stars, and underlines of the penned words I have written,
during my daily, morning devotional and prayer time.
The words that nudged me in the right direction...the ones that impacted me in that moment.
The ones that pulled me from one page of my the next.
I thought hmmm... if they helped me, maybe I could share them with you.

So I decided to pick seven things out of the jots and notes that stuck with me.
[ because 7 is one of my favorite numbers]

Here are some of my journal shares:

1.  The more of myself I release to God, the more I will be fulfilled
and experience His peace and joy.

2.  Let GO of what lies behind & enjoy the life Jesus has for me.    

3.  Live by faith, leaning on and trusting in Him, and NOT on my   
 own misunderstanding.

4.  Lessons come wrapped in difficulties. It's an opportunity to trust
Him more.

5.  Where the mind goes, the man follows. [fear,, love]

6.  If I struggle to make things happen & they are NOT happening,
it's Me trying to run the show & NOT allowing God's plan to unfold.

7.  Look for the love in others.  Accept them.  What they do.  How they are.

I hope that these words make your day just a little bit sweeter.
They did that for me.
Have a happy weekend !!!



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