Friday, March 10, 2017


Us... that's a tough one. 
And easy.
It was my photo prompt yesterday.
There are so many different ways to capture "Us"

I love us.
Whoever it is.
This is what Us looked like yesterday.
Us was with my hubby...and this adorable lamb.
Us is not perfect...
it's messy and complicated
and good...
and we try our best.
It's the mix of bitter and sweet,
sweat and tears,
strong and weak.
That's what makes it wonderful.

*good things
this little guy
feeling little babies breath on your skin
pop up thunderstorms
scent of rain 
pink, yellow, and white blooms on the trees
walking around the neighborhood
hanging out at hubby's clinic
sitting in the grass
hubby's work boots
talking to girlfriends on the phone
talking to my kiddo on the phone
planting flower seeds
birds on the feeders
a robin living in the back yard
Us...all of them :)


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