Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Nap

When I was a young girl
I loved caring for little creatures.

It is one thing I remember doing with my Grandmother.
She loved feeding the birds & her chipmunks.

It's an original love that I treasure.
Something about birds
make me smile !

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Moments To Cherish

Life is amazing,
and we are blessed for every moment of it !
In both good times and bad,
there are special moments to cherish.

I was called a dork this week !
I was riding my bike.
I was decked out with a side bag  for the essentials...
 (my camera, water, book, glasses...lip gloss....a.k.a. my survival kit).
and my helmet.
I was struggling as I just reached the top of a steep hill...
and I was conversing with a dog. 
When a young twerp man drove by and hollered "DORK!!!!" out his window.
I will not confirm nor deny....that "DORK" was an appropriate description.

It plagued me for less than a minute.
Then it made me laugh.
In the past that would have sent me into hiding.
Honestly. I would have ditched the helmet, the "survival kit"
and taken to heart that comment.
I would have tried to un-dork.
I would have dissected those words a zillion times...until I was in a pit of shame and embarrassment .

I will never be thick-skinned.
I will always be sensitive.
I think we stay the same...
but flourish,
to everything we've always been...and more!

Moment to cherish #1

So while were on the dork subject....
 I was squat-walking to the car the other morning ...
*mumbling* about how tight my pants were getting...
I heard a chuckle from behind.
My hubby was obviously enamored as he caught me in my squat-walk.

He walked up to help me in the car ...
and looked me in the eyes and said...
"If you weren't already my wife, I would ask you to marry me all over again."

Cherish moment #2

I love him bigger and better every day !

No matter what is going on in your day...
I hope that you find the moments to cherish !

Friday, July 17, 2015


Do you ever have that craving for something...
but you can't figure out what it is ??
You search for that perfect snack, 
or hunt for the perfect book online?
(even though you have a stacks of partially read books or new ones scattered throughout the house ?)
You know you want, or need something...but you can't quite put your finger on it !


I believe it is a constant craving for contentment.
Do you ever notice, that just being with the people you love is enough ?
Or when you have that time alone doing something you love ?
Being grateful at that very time , and that fleeting moment.
Breathing it all in...
the pure pleasure of being right where you are.


We all get caught up with worrying about tomorrow,
or looking for that next thing to we think we need to do 
to fill that elusive void inside us...that craving.
 We seem to forget that we really have all that we need.
That if we really quiet our scrambled mind
and appreciate the gift of right now...
that most always...you can find contentment there.

This week I was filled with contentment.
I devoured each second as it came.
I swatted out the worries or concerns about the next week..or day..or even the next hour.
I didn't want to think about what I didn't have, 
what I needed to get done...or what I should or shouldn't be doing.
Do you ever notice how quick that destroys your joy ?

afternoons on the farm with my hubby.

I think there are blessings being bestowed on us consistently ! 
If we are willing to see them.
We are usually surrounded by love and beauty 
and goodness.

lazy summer days...going barefoot...simplicity

Those are gifts to us and we are free to enjoy those things.
Instead we find our self spotting the imperfections and look towards what we lack.

Sometimes in the ones we love the most... our situations...
but I think mostly in ourselves.

That is when I try to take a deep breath and redeem the moment.

Life is full of ups and downs.

We can decide not to let the downs turn into negativity...
that will relentlessly try to seep in to ruin our day.
It happens !
Sometimes in one fell swoop!
And it blinds us from the potential for pleasure...
and it steals our contentment.

When I find myself faltering...
when I feel fearful, scattered, worried or empty...
comparing or judging...
I stop and collect my thoughts.

I start plucking the positives...

And I turn my attention to my faith.
When I yield to God...
my heart and my head find peace with each other.
Sometimes there is sadness and disappointment...
but mostly ?
Mostly I feel peace,love, and contentment.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015


"Go for the happy endings, 
because life doesn't have any sequels."

We are continuing a love story that started years ago...
a new chapter... our wedding day.  July 4 2015. 
This weekend the  hubby and I had a very sweet and simple wedding.
Just the way we wanted it.


I was very proud to have Brandon walking me down the isle.
I tried not to think of us not having the same last name ...
because it just made me sad.
Like I was leaving him...or part of me... behind.
I know it's weird...
but I struggled with that.

The pastor went through a little practice session with us.
Then I hid myself away so that I could change into my dress.
Along the way I found props. :)

Hubby was with me when I bought my dress. (not this one) 
He loved it ! He helped me pick it out. It took us all day.
Unbeknownst to him...I wouldn't be wearing it. I ended up ordering a different one.
I didn't feel right about him already seeing me in my "wedding" dress.
So this is the sundress I ordered.
I think he was pleasantly surprised. :)

This was right before I walked down the isle.
I felt like a race horse at the gate...
the count down was about 2 minutes till my cue...
when I was notified that we were waiting on family.
They were on their way.
So I did what any nervous bride would do...
a pre-ceremony calming routine. :)

Brandon came to escort me down the isle...
and we got a case of the giggles.
 We were on the brink of hysterical, uncontrollable laughter.


Then he gave me away.

       My heart was all a flutter.
 It hit me as I stood there ... how blessed I was.
I had no doubt that this man
 would stand by me forever,
in sickness and in health,
for richer or poorer.

Till death do us part.
I love  him with all my heart.

I love how weddings remind us that life 
truly is , about love, family and the little things.
I wish I could bottle up all the love that filled our day
I would.

Then I would relive this day over, and over, and over.

Because moments like this make me insanely happy.

Nothing better than high-on-life exhilaration that comes from love. 

And surprise Limo rides :)
Shaving cream fights...
and laughing !
 Instead of rice being thrown...we had a chauffeur pick us up.
OK...it was really Gary's grandson... (Zach... & Katie too :) )

We went cruisin' !
He drove us around the beaches and the neighborhoods.
Cans draggin'... horn honking....
And God love him....he even took us through Sonic.
I told my friend at work that story , and she just cackled !
She thinks we should have ordered corn-dogs...
and then saved one in the freezer for our first anniversary.

This is a wedding gift from my girlfriend.
I just love it !!!

" The best things in life are the people
we love the places we've been
& the memories we've made 
along the way. "
Gary & Robin 
Est. July 4 2015

I'm sitting here getting all teary eyed...
just in awe
of God's amazing goodness.

Of course every good love story has pets. :)

Lunch at Dana's

Oh....Lord have mercy....!!
I loved this tender moment. *Pure love*

Stinkin' adorable.


The cakes were from Amycakes. They were delectable !!
I heard one of my girlfriends almost foundered on the lemon.
We had Strawberry and French Vanilla too.


my balloon

 We filled balloons to send up love notes to Jack.

The yard was filled with activity, twinkle lights...music,
and a huddle of loved ones.


I think Jack was waving from heaven.

fireworks scare Scotty

Our night ended with children playing,
quilts spread out , bodies crowded, fireflies, glowsticks 
and fireworks.

We were surrounded by strong beautiful souls.
we celebrated and we shed some tears...
and most of all...
we loved.
Thank you all for making our day perfect.


" You can't relive the days you've lost,  so treasure them every day you wake up. As in all things, there must be a ba...