Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Because we took the long way home,
and we stood on the edge of the bridge and 
watched the current below....
until we got dizzy.

And we took pictures of each other...
and then hung out at the farm.
Because we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.


Tuesday, May 30, 2017


" Most folks are as happy as they
make up their minds to be. "

Because it was a stormy Saturday,
and the inconvenience of the wind and the rain
made it more fun...
probably even fueled our happy.
His happy...taking the ATV in for tires
My happy....time to practice manual mode on camera.

His happy....visiting with a friend and changing tires.
My happy....thunder storms, big puddles, and rain droplets on the window.
His happy....catching me being sneaky.
My happy....getting caught being sneaky.
His happy....sweet memories.
My happy....sweet stories...beautiful flowers.

His happy....Simone burgers.
My happy....sitting on a park bench , eating out of a paper bag,
listening to him share the history
of the park. A cool breeze...& rain falling from the trees.
His wavy hair.
My happy...drinking from the spring with medicinal values.

His happy....taking the ATV out to call the calves in.
My happy....the cool front hitting. Slipping into hubby's extra flannel shirt
crumpled on the seat.

His sitting behind him.
My happy.... getting to put my legs up on his. Boots & sandals.

His happy....when they follow.
My happy....when hubby slows down so I can snap a few shots...
and they catch up to us.

His happy....
My happy....

Our happy...this.
Family being home.
Do you ever have one of those days
that you take the moments as they come ?
No expectations....just a mind-set to enjoy,
or at the very least observe life as it unfolds that day ?
Let it flow how it would flow with out tying to change it's direction ?
Just make [hopefully] good choices when you have to choose,
but let life be in the drivers seat ?
Yeah....those are usually the best ones.


Thursday, May 25, 2017


I was trying to think of what to share in my blog today. It's been a horrible week.
In my head. Mentally. Do you ever get that way ? I thought I was doing pretty well.
Handling things OK. Then I found myself in a big funk. I know why. I was holding on to 
some heavy stuff. Pondering things that I needed to let go. I burned myself out. I know better. I have been humbled.  This song came on this morning....and as I was singing it out-loud , it felt like big giant hug from above. I hope after you listen, you will feel a little comforting hug too.

Let your heavy stuff go and embrace your blessings. Take time to be still....
and let yourself be held.

Have a safe and happy Memorial day weekend.


Monday, May 22, 2017


Because this morning I sat at the park
with my coffee
and a sweet little squirrel.

I loved the peacefulness of it all.


Friday, May 19, 2017


Because how would we ever know 
what our dreams are,
if we don't give ourselves the peaceful, quiet moments
to explore them.

Have a peaceful weekend.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017


Because today I felt the longing to escape....

thank goodness for some good oldies music,
chalk, and a sweet goofy sidekick.


Monday, May 15, 2017


Because we had a birthday to celebrate,
and Mother's day too.
Because I'm a happy girl when our weekend is
 filled with loved ones, sunshine, laughter...
and cherished moments by the slew.

It bummed me out that some photos came
out blurry. But I am going to embrace the blurry 
photos too...because they are some of my favorites.
I braved my manual settings...
and I did have a lot of blur and flawed pictures
this weekend...
but that is part of learning.
Right ?

Have a fantastic week !!
And...Love each other !
Life is too short to forget that !


Friday, May 12, 2017


“Don’t be afraid of death;
 be afraid of an un-lived life.
 You don’t have to live forever;
 you just have to live.” 

Because this week I lost someone special.
Someone that lived every day to the fullest.
Someone that wasn't afraid to grasp life with both hands and kiss it's face off.
Someone that took a broken and lost girl, and moved her to Missouri.
I feel a deep ache from the loss... and an overwhelming gratitude
for having him in my life.

my brother & Randy with his dog.
"A real spirit lives in the present. They save their money, yet they enjoy every single day of their life no matter how shitty. Because they are able to love every day, they are able to spread this vibe to others without trying. It’s all in the way of thinking. They don’t try to do this, it just happens."

Thank you Randy. You were loved by many,
and your passion for life will be an inspiration to the lives you touched.


Sunday, May 7, 2017


Because sometimes we just need to 
claim a nice Spring afternoon

A mid-afternoon-mental-health-break.

good things...
family outings
doing a headstand outside...with the clouds drifting by. *freaky feeling*
blowing bubbles
Oliver trying to sniff the bubbles
 hubby driving out to join us....& bringing me a Butterfingers
the camera's timer going off... & taking a shot before we are ready 
shooting in manual mode
being together :)


Friday, May 5, 2017


" It's not about what is happening around you...
it's about what is happening in you !
Your decision on how to react to a circumstance 
is much more important than the circumstance itself."

Because there are tough days, and things don't
always go the way we would like.
Even when it's hard...
we can still make the choice
 to look for the good [God, blessings, positive] in our day...
and do things that make our moments
not so icky.

rainy dark mornings, and heart to heart talks
being teaches you what is important
friends, community, family that show up in a BIG way, so you don't
have to do hard alone.
nurses and doctors with a good sense of humor and compassion
having a Father in Heaven that knows what we need...
even when we don't.
beauty surrounding us, no matter where we go...
sometimes you just have to look closer to see it.
my camera and good people who have encouraged and taught me how to actually use it :)
grippy socks :)
sunshine and blue skies dappled with white 
trips to the farm after a long day
my hubby...such a trooper !

Monday, May 1, 2017


Because I had a choice.
I could let sadness kick my butt...
or walk away.

So I grabbed my camera, and put on my boots.

*grateful for....
 my Aunt, and the memories that we shared. her love. 
a rainy weekend to slow things down
a sweet little side-kick to keep me entertained
dodging the rain and splashing in puddles.
swishy ponytails
my hubby's love & understanding
plenty of comfort food of choice
sweet friends
my wonderful family



" You can't relive the days you've lost,  so treasure them every day you wake up. As in all things, there must be a ba...