Tuesday, April 12, 2016


A certain young man had a birthday last Sunday.
My cell phone died Saturday, and they were calling for storms.
It's a six hour drive, round trip.
Driving in a storm scares me worse than not having a phone. 
I almost chickened out.
Then I got over it.

Lunch at Five Guys

Strawberry Rhubarb cobler

He loves kisses.


*mwah !

Hubby saved the day by letting me take his old (truck phone) bag phone.
It may be a relic...but it worked great ! My phone lasted 18 months.
We retired the bag phone Monday.
I'm glad it had one final adventure.

I did hit storms on the way home...
and had to pull off for a bit.
It happened to be in the driveway of a quiet little pasture.
I took some pictures and watched a downpour.
Then the sun beamed through the clouds. *beautiful*
Sometimes it's those unexpected moments that add
a special touch to an already incredible day !

a son that makes me enormously proud
wrestling matches
hubby's old bag phone


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